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The District’s Engineering Department is responsible for overseeing the development and replacement of the District’s water infrastructure. Activities include contract and plan development for capital improvement projects, plan review and approval for private/public projects, preparation and revision of the District’s construction specifications, construction inspection, and coordination with all related parties in the ongoing improvements affecting the District’s water infrastructure. The Department also maintains records and a GIS mapping system that interfaces with a computer maintenance management system and related information in the District’s billing department.

Plan Submittal Information

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A core function of the Engineering Department is the review, comment and approval of private developer and public agency improvement plans. Two sets of preliminary improvement plans shall be provided to the District in advance of the project for initial review. The two plan sets  shall be submitted as follows: one (1) electronic PDF copy and one (1) full size paper copy.

Submit plans to:
Engineering Department
Citrus Heights Water District
P.O. Box 286
Citrus Heights, CA 95611-0286

Or email to

Applicable Forms

Project-Related Fees & Charges

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The District has charges and fees applicable to private developer and public agency improvement projects. Project-related fees and charges are for plan review, inspection services, capacity/connection fees and meter installation. During the initial plan review process the District will provide an estimate of the charges and fees associated with the project. You may view a sample of the District’s current Project Development Charges and Fees Worksheet by clicking on the link below. Please note the inclusion at the bottom of the worksheet of wholesale capital facilities fees payable to San Juan Water District.

2024 Project Development Charges and Fees Worksheet


Easements to the District will be required for District water facilities that are located outside of the public road right-of-way or public utility easement (PUE). Prior to plan approval, a licensed engineer or land surveyor must submit a draft legal description and plat map of the proposed easement for District review. Upon District approval, the property owner shall execute and notarize the easement documents and return the documents to the District. The District’s Board of Directors will accept the easement and have it recorded with the recorder’s office in the appropriate county.

Construction Specifications

The Engineering Department provides the most current District construction specifications on this site. These construction specifications are available in PDF format for reference purposes to any interested parties.

Below are the individual Detail Drawings and Plan Notes:

Construction Water

Fire Hydrant spraying water

Most construction projects and activities requiring water from a fire hydrant in the District require a Construction Hydrant Meter Permit, including placement by the District of a construction water meter. A refundable security deposit is required for the use of the meter. In cases where a fire hydrant is not available or placement of a construction water meter is not possible, a Construction Water Permit may be used to provide water for construction purposes. In advance of your project, please contact the District to schedule an appointment to determine your construction water needs. The District’s current Construction Hydrant Meter Permit and Construction Water Permit forms are provided below for your information.

Construction Inspection

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The District provides construction inspection services directed at achieving the highest possible level of quality.

Construction Inspection performs a variety of duties involved in inspecting the workmanship and materials applied in the construction and repair of capital improvement projects and private developer/public agency infrastructure. District inspection strives to achieve compliance with approved plans, District construction specifications, local, state and federal regulations, as well as public safety.  All improvements to the District’s water system are reviewed to ensure their proper location within dedicated rights-of-way and easements. Upon successful completion of a project, to be owned and operated by the District, ownership of the water system passes from the owner to the District by means of a formal written acceptance.

Contact Us

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If you are not able to resolve your engineering resource questions or concerns after reviewing the information here, please reach out to the contacts below.

Director of Engineering/District Engineer
Missy Pieri
(916) 735-7724