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The Customer Advisory Committee is made up of a broad group of CHWD customers representing a variety of backgrounds, including residential, institutional, and business members.

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Origin Story: How the CAC Came to Be

In 2018, CHWD established the Customer Advisory Committee (CAC) to gather input on the best way to reinvest in our system’s infrastructure. The CAC helped determine the community’s ideal approach to fund upgrades needed to ensure safe and reliable water into the future.

The CAC worked with a technical team to consider the water main replacement options while analyzing key financial and technical issues. The CAC presented its recommendation to the CHWD Board of Directors in June 2021. The Board approved the CAC's recommendation and developed a plan to fund work through 2080.

Fast forward to 2023, CHWD wanted to welcome the CAC to help the district with a wider set of programs and initiatives. In October 2023, the CHWD Board of Directors appointed 13 members and 4 alternates to the CAC to serve alongside the business and institutional representatives. The new members will serve a three-year term.


Community Advisory Committee

The Customer Advisory Committee (CAC) ensures that CHWD has input from the communities we serve. CAC members will learn about how water is provided in CHWD’s service area. The CAC will also provide a community perspective on a wide range of water district policy matters, projects, and initiatives.

Board Resolution for Establishing a Customer Advisory Committee