CHWD Focuses On Operational And Financial Efficiency

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Budget 1
CHWD Proposed 2022 Budget Pie Chart

CHWD’s 2021 budget focuses on completing important long-range infrastructure and asset management planning, expanding CHWD’s groundwater program, continuing to provide enhanced public services, providing expanded opportunities for customer participation and maintaining adequate reserves. CHWD’s 2021 budget also highlights the District’s ongoing commitment to operational and financial efficiency.

Pie chart legend:

  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Purchased Water from SJWD
  • Capital Improvement Programs
  • Staffing Resources
  • Reserves

2021 CHWD Budget Overview

Total Budget: $20.5 Million

2021 Capital Improvement Budget:

  • Expenditures of $7.2 million.

- Includes approximately $1.5 million for the design and construction of the District’s seventh groundwater well.

No Rate Increase

Additionally, the District has very little debt outstanding, which benefits our customers. In the 2021 budget, there is no budgeted increase in personnel costs. By proactively managing our infrastructure investments, we are also able to hold the line on repairs and maintenance. Additionally, the District maintains virtually no debt to service benefitting our customers.

Despite a rate increase in the cost of water from our wholesale water provider, San Juan Water District, CHWD will not increase its rates in 2021, providing welcome relief to customers working to overcome the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Capital Improvement Program

CHWD’s Capital Improvement Program continues to be our single largest budget expense. Looking ahead, we will be working with our Customer Advisory Committee to draft a multi-year rate plan necessary to support two essential projects that will ensure a safe, clean and dependable water supply and effective control and management of our operating expenses for the long term.

CHWD 2021 Budget

CHWD’s fiscal year aligns with a calendar year, January-December.

2021 CHWD Budget Highlights

2021 Budget Considerations

  • No Rate Increase for 2021
  • No Budget Increase in Budgeted Personnel Costs from 2020
  • Absorbing the SJWD Rate Increase
  • Capital Improvement Program Projects

- Mains
- Meters
- Groundwater Wells

Focus on Long-Range Planning

  • Meter Replacement Study
  • Project 2030 Water Main Replacement Program
  • Water Supply— Complete Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) Feasibility Study in Partnership with the Regional Water Authority (RWA).
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Budget Process Overview

Budget process overview chart

District Financial Audit

An independent audit of the District’s financial records and practices is performed annually in compliance with CHWD Policy No. 6010. The audit is performed by an independent certified public accounting firm that reports directly to the District’s Board of Directors. We are pleased that the
annual financial audit shows that the District’s financial records are in good shape, and its accounting practices conform with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Copies of the most recent five years’ Independent Auditor’s Reports that include the Financial Statements, Supplemental Information, and the Management Letter where applicable can be viewed by clicking on the links below: