CHWD Focuses On Operational And Financial Efficiency

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Budget 1
2023 Budget Pie

CHWD’s 2023 budget supports priority projects such as Project 2030, expanding the Groundwater Program, replacing aging water meters, and helping customers use water efficiently. CHWD focuses on efficient operations and maintenance, infrastructure repairs, and replacements and upgrades. Customers will continue to receive value-added water efficiency services as CHWD advocates on our customers' behalf with regional, state, and federal interests.

Pie chart legend:

  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Purchased Water from SJWD
  • Capital Improvement Projects
  • District Staffing Resources
  • Reserves

2023 CHWD Budget Overview

Total Budget: $24.3 Million

2023 Capital Improvement Budget:

  • Expenditures of $8.2 million.

- Includes approximately $3.2 million for the design and construction of the District’s seventh groundwater well.

Water Main Replacement Dedicated Charge

You may notice a “Water Main Replacement Dedicated Charge” on your 2023 bill. The Project 2030 funding plan balances pre-funding in the years leading up to 2030, pay-as-you-go, and some debt financing.

This funding plan ensures intergenerational equity, which allows the responsibility of funding Project 2030 to be equitably distributed across current and future customers.

Capital Improvement Program

The largest expense of the District’s total budget is reinvested back into the water system through CHWD’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The CIP helps CHWD maintain its infrastructure, increases needed capacity, and allows for the delivery of water today while focusing on long term water needs.

CHWD 2023 Budget

CHWD’s fiscal year aligns with a calendar year, January-December.

2023 CHWD Budget Highlights

2023 Budget Considerations

  • Operations and maintenance expenses expected to decrease
  • Purchased water costs expected to increase due to increased fixed charges from the San Juan Water District
  • Capital Improvement Program Projects

- Mains
- Meters
- Groundwater Wells

Focus on Long-Range Planning

  • Meter Replacement Study
  • Project 2030 Water Main Replacement Program
  • Water Supply— Complete Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) Feasibility Study in Partnership with the Regional Water Authority (RWA).
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Budget Process Overview

Budget process overview chart

District Financial Audit

An independent audit of the District’s financial records and practices is performed annually in compliance with CHWD Policy No. 6010. The audit is performed by an independent certified public accounting firm that reports directly to the District’s Board of Directors. We are pleased that the annual financial audit shows that the District’s financial records are in good shape, and its accounting practices conform with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Copies of the most recent five years’ Independent Auditor’s Reports that include the Financial Statements, Supplemental Information, and the Management Letter where applicable can be viewed by clicking on the links below: