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WaterSmart Classes

CHWD would like to thank everyone that came out to one of our WaterSmart Classes we offered in 2019.

Please note that the 2020 WaterSmart Classes listed below were offered as online webinars. These classes are free!

WaterSmart Basics: Groundwork for Creating Your Green Plan

Class #1: June 9th, 2020

Using an actual landscape project that’s designed based on River-Friendly principles, we’ll step through the building blocks for creating your own Green Plan. Learn how to assess existing conditions: Soil, irrigation, slopes, water from roofs/surfaces, sun exposure, and plants because all parts of your landscape work together. Methods for how to measure your yard, consider its function, and identify challenges will be presented. You’ll learn how to use this information to create a base plan, the foundation of your design. Webinar includes Q&A time and online resources.

Workshop Handouts

Landscape Symphonies Design Considerations

Landscape Design Questionnaire

Garden Checklist

RFL Core Principles and Practices

Soil Type Test

Steps to Measuring Your Property

How to Triangulate Locate Objects on Plan

Webinar Presentation

WaterSmart Basics: Putting Your Green Plan Together

Class #2: June 15th, 2020

This webinar will take you through the process of creating a landscape plan using site information and a base plan for an actual landscape project. You’ll also learn how to make design decisions for irrigating efficiently, grouping and placing plants for optimum health, keeping water on your property by shaping the soil, and turning challenges into opportunities. Now you’ll have the ability to create a River-Friendly plan for your own yard. Webinar includes Q&A time and online resources.

Workshop Handouts

Landscape Symphonies Design Considerations

Rain Garden Design Manual

CA Native Drought Tolerant Landscape Plants Sac Valley

Green Gardener at Home Garden Checklist 2020

Webinar Presentation

WaterSmart Foundation: Healthy Soil, Happy Landscape

Class #3: August 11th, 2020

Learn how to create a healthy, living soil to nourish your plants and yield a bountiful, beautiful, prest- and drought-resistant garden and landscape. Halthy soil is the foundation of every WaterSmart landscape.

Workshop Handouts

Soil Questions and Answers

WaterSmart Irrigation: The Soil and Water Relationship

Class #4: August 12th, 2020

You’ve learned about healthy soil. The new step for a WaterSmart landscape is to unite efficient irrigation strategies with your soil type. Water moves and acts differently depending on the soil. Learn how to use low-flow drip layouts that will work best for your soil. Soil and water can work together to meet your plants’ needs while managing your water use.

Workshop Handouts

Netafim Dripline Design Guide

Hunter Drip Irrigation Design Guide

Soil Triangle


WaterSmart Show Stoppers: Meet the Plants

Class #5: August 13th, 2020

Now that you have a great support team (soil and efficient irrigation) working for your landscape, you can choose plants that support your yeard’s own ecosystems! Plants that require less water and maintenance to thrive; plants that provide a rich habitat for pollinators and birds; and plants that create beauty. Create a beautiful, beneficial, bountiful, prest-resistant and drought-buster garden with great plants!

Workshop Handouts

Plant List