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Project Description:

In 1998, the District developed a 30-year (1999-2030) Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Over the past 20 years, this Plan has been a key planning tool for the District in determining annual capital improvement projects.  This CIP plan has been used over the years by the District to develop its annual Capital Improvement projects list.  As the above Plan is nearing the end of its term, the District is focusing on the water main component of the Plan to prepare a new Study that will: 1) build-off of the current Plan; 2) focus on the water main portion of the District’s overall CIP program.

While this Study is focused on developing an infrastructure and funding strategy for the replacement of water mains, an evaluation of alternatives will have to consider the larger capital improvement program requirements of the District (e.g. well development, meter replacement, other system infrastructure improvements, human resources (staffing), etc.).

Why This Project and Why Now?

The majority of urban development within the District’s service territory occurred between the period of 1960-1985.  Water mains were installed by private developers and inspected by District staff.  These water mains became donated assets to the District, and it became CHWD’s responsibility to operate, maintain, and plan for the replacement of these facilities.  As the District looks ahead, a tidal wave of water main replacements may be needed beginning in year 2030 and carrying several years forward, as the water mains installed in the 1960’s reach 70 years old.  Therefore, CHWD has entitled this water main replacement study, “Project 2030.”

Key elements of this Study include: 1) Asset Inventory and Project Polygon Development, 2) Future Water Demand Projections, 3) Water Main Assessment,   4) Water Main Replacement Phasing Options and Preferred Option 5) Project Cost Estimates,

6) Funding Strategy, including Water Rate Options and Debt Service Options and 7) Implementation Plan.  Also, a Customer Advisory Committee (CAC) will be organized and will work with the Project Team on all phases of the Study.

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