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Board Resolution for Establishing A Customer Advisory Committee

Helping Plan the Future of Water in Our Community

Citrus Heights Water District has been serving our customers for nearly 100 years and we’ve always worked hard to plan for the future water needs of our customers. In this spirit of stewardship, CHWD is reaching out to the community for input on the best means for re-investing in our system infrastructure. Most of the Districts water mains were installed between the 1960’s and 1980’s, and water meters were installed between the 1980’s and 2000s. These are key components of our water system, and many of these components will soon approach the end of their useful lives.

With this in mind, CHWD recently initiated two major planning efforts, the Project 2030 Water Main Replacement Study and a strategy for replacing the water meters in the District service area. These efforts will focus on developing strategies for funding and replacing our water mains and water meters, and will include evaluations of alternative options for our District that will consider the larger capital improvement program requirements of the District.


To ensure that the alternatives considered address the needs and input from the community we serve, CHWD has formed a Customer Advisory Committee (CAC). This committee will work with CHWD staff and technical consultants to consider options to replace water mains and meters while considering key factors such as financial and technical issues. After considering policy alternatives, the CAC will present its input on strategies to replace water mains and water meters to the CHWD Board of Directors.



CAC meetings will be held in the early evening, and will be structured, facilitated meetings to ensure efficiency. The public may attend CAC meetings and provide feedback on the process. Interested customers can sign up for updates, including the CAC meeting schedule, location, agendas, and other relevant information, by filling out the form below or calling (916) 725-6873.

Meeting materials and agendas will be posted here at least 72 hours prior to each meeting.

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