Notice of Nondiscrimination

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Grievance Procedure 1

Grievance Procedure


Citrus Heights Water District (CHWD) is committed to ensuring that its employees and customers are treated fairly and equally. We have a grievance procedure that handles complaints about discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, disability, income, age, or gender. This procedure ensures that complaints related to violations of Title VI, Section 601 of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, or our Nondiscrimination Policy are promptly and fairly resolved.

If you believe you or a group of people have been discriminated against, you can file a complaint with CHWD. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Write down your complaint.
  2. Submit your complaint within 60 days of the alleged discrimination.
  3. Clearly describe the specific actions by CHWD that you believe are discriminatory.
  4. Explain the discrimination that has happened or will happen as a result of those actions.
  5. Identify the individuals or groups affected by the alleged discrimination.

CHWD may ask for more information if necessary to understand your complaint fully. In some cases, we may consider complaints filed after 60 days if there is a good reason for the delay.

Please send your written complaint to:

Citrus Heights Water District
Civil Rights Coordinator
P.O. Box 286
Citrus Heights, CA 95611
Phone: 916-725-6873

After receiving your complaint, CHWD will acknowledge its receipt within 10 days. We may request additional information if needed. Once we have all the necessary details, we will notify you within 10 days that your complaint is complete.

Determining Jurisdiction and Investigative Merit

Based on the information provided in the complaint, CHWD will determine if we have the authority to investigate the matter and if the complaint has enough merit to proceed. We will investigate complaints unless:

  1. They appear to be frivolous or trivial.
  2. We voluntarily admit noncompliance and agree to take corrective action or resolve the issue informally with you.
  3. You withdraw the complaint.
  4. The complaint is not timely, and there is no good reason to extend the time limit.

Within 120 days of accepting a written complaint, CHWD will respond in writing to you with an outcome.