Water Meters

water_meterCHWD became a fully-metered water billing as of January 1, 2008, when CHWD changed all of its residential customers to metered billing. All customers now receive a water bill from CHWD every two months. The water bill includes a service charge for the two-month billing period and a water charge for the amount of water used during the billing period. Water bill amounts vary depending upon the amount of water consumed by the customer.

Water meters and water meter billing are requirements of the US Bureau of Reclamation, which provides most of CHWD’s water supply from Folsom Lake. More recently, State of California legislation is requiring all water systems statewide to have water meters..

In 1992 Congress passed the Central Valley Project Improvement Act. This Act requires anyone who receives water from a federal facility such as Folsom Lake to use a water meter and be billed on a metered rate. CHWD is required to bill all customers based on a metered rate.

One of the biggest benefits of water meters is that you will only pay for the amount of water you use.

One of the biggest benefits of water meters is that you only pay for the amount of water you use. In the past, flat-rate water bills were based on the average amount of water used by all customers regardless of how little or much water you used. With water meters, you are billed only for the amount of water you use and the bi-monthly service charge. You are in control of your own water bill!

Your bill is calculated in two parts: one for your water consumption; and one for your service charge. The water consumption charge is based 100 percent on the amount of water you consume. The service charge is based on the size of your meter, and covers the cost of providing service including water system maintenance and meter reading.

Your water bill contains information about the quantity of water that you are using, giving you the chance to adjust your water use practices to reduce your water consumption. Click here for more information about your water bill.