District-wide Annexation Project

Citrus Heights Water District (CHWD or District) was formed as an Irrigation District in 1920 to provide water service to approximately 3,000 acres of predominantly large agricultural properties in northeast Sacramento County. As urbanization took place over the ensuing nearly 100 years, lands outside the original District boundary have been formally annexed into the District as a condition of receiving water service. Since 1963, the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) has been the governing body that oversees this annexation process. Of the approximately 8,100 acres located within the District’s boundary, approximately 7,800 acres (97%) are currently annexed and receiving water service.

The District recently completed a detailed study of properties located within the current service area and identified 155 properties totaling a net of approximately 265 acres that have not been formally annexed to the District. Phase 1 of the District-wide Annexation Project (Project) will formally annex those 265 acres through LAFCo. Phase 1 also streamlines the annexation process for properties within the service area who wish to be annexed into the District in the future. Phase 2 of the Project will allow the CHWD Board to consider annexation of the properties into the District.

CHWD Annexation Project Map

Project Milestones

Early 2020 Notification letter to be sent to affected parcel owners
Early 2020 CHWD Board meeting to approve LAFCo Application (Phase 1)
Mid 2020 LAFCo Annexation hearing(s)
Late 2020 CHWD Board meeting to consider annexation of properties (Phase 2)


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Contact Information

For any specific questions regarding this Project, please contact Assistant Engineer Tamar Dawson at 916-725-6873.