Meter Replacement Program

In 1992, the State of California required all new water connections to be metered. In 1995 CHWD’s Wholesale water supplier, San Juan Water District (SJWD), renewed their contract with the United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) to receive USBR contract water. The Federal contract contained a requirement for all water connections using USBR contract water be metered by 2025. In 1997, CHWD began a Voluntary Residential Metering Program for all customer connections. Through this program and other installation projects, the District became fully metered in December 2006 and began metered billing in January 2008.

Why This Project and Why Now?

The majority of the District’s meters (13,979 of 19,933) have been installed since 2002.  Most of the water meters within our system were installed in the early-to mid 2000s. The District anticipates that this first generation of water meters will need to be replaced within the next 5-10 years to ensure reliability, accuracy and compatibility with current technology. As the meters are nearing the end of their recommended life span of 20 years, it is time to plan for the second generation of meters (including the accompanying technology platform), and to develop a strategy for the installation of future generations of meters.

Benefits of the Project

CHWD anticipates that the new generation of meters installed will provide real time measurements of water usage.  This means that customers will be able to track their water usage on demand and make it easier to detect small leaks before they become big problems!

Meter Replacement Consortium

To reduce cost, the District has partnered with 10 other water agencies to plan for and to implement the replacement of the next generation(s) of water meters. By creating this regional consortium of agencies, the District, along with these other agencies, will seek to reduce costs through economies of scale for bulk meter purchases, a regional meter testing program, and other service enhancements.

Customer Advisory Committee