Customer Service

CHWD takes pride in providing its customers with top-notch service. From the management team, to the friendly people who answer the phone, to the crews that operate and maintain the water system, every team member is committed to providing you an extraordinary customer service experience.

One of the members of the CHWD customer service team is Nick Spiers. Nick has been with CHWD since 2003 and started in the position of water distribution specialist in May 2011.

Nick is often the first CHWD employee to respond to your home or business if you ask for help, such as temporarily shutting off water service to your property while plumbing work is being done. He also investigates reports of leaks or damage to CHWD’s water system, and locates and marks the location of CHWD’s underground water facilities prior to digging by contractors or other utilities.

If you share our commitment to customer service and would like to be part of our team, view our employment opportunities page.