Capital improvement projects help CHWD maintain its infrastructure and keep it up to date, increase needed capacity and continue to provide great service to its customers.

Project List

For more information on CHWD capital improvement projects, contact the District Office at (916) 725-6873.

ProjectsDue Date
Michigan Drive & Cologne Way Water Main
Replacement Construction
Completed Spring 2020
Whyte Avenue &Langley Avenue Water
Main Replacement Design & Construction
Completed Spring 2020 (Design)
Summer 2020 (Construction)
Rowan Way Water Main Replacement Design & ConstructionCompleted Spring 2020
Robie Way & Admiral Avenue Water Main Replacement Design & ConstructionSummer 2020 (Design)
Fall 2020 (Construction)
Wells Avenue Water Main Installation DesignFall 2020
Marsala Court Water Main Installation DesignFall 2020
Walnut Drive Water Main Replacement DesignFall 2020
Wisconsin Drive Water Main Replacement DesignFall 2020
Fair Oaks Boulevard Water Main Installation DesignWinter 2020/21
Langley Avenue & Chance Drive Water Main Installation DesignWinter 2020/21

Project 2030

Project 2030 Logo

In 1998, the District developed a 30-year (1999-2030) Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Over the past 20 years, this Plan has been a key planning tool for the District in determining annual capital improvement projects.  This CIP plan has been used over the years by the District to develop its annual Capital Improvement projects list.  As the above Plan is nearing the end of its term, the District is focusing on the water main component of the Plan to prepare a new Study that will: 1) build-off of the current Plan; 2) focus on the water main portion of the District’s overall CIP program.

For more information, visit the Project 2030 page.


The Highland Ave Well Project consists of the construction and operation of a municipal water supply well and pump station within the service area of CHWD. The proposed Highland Ave Well is intended to provide CHWD with additional water resources for typical municipal and industrial uses. Some expected benefits of the project include:

  • Enhance the reliability and redundancy of water supplies that are available to serve the CHWD’s customers.
  • Serve as a source of water supply in the event of a water infrastructure or water supply emergency.
  • Serve as source of water supply to help meet the CHWD’s maximum day and peak hour water supply needs.
  • Provide price stability in anticipation of projected price increases for water purchases.
  • Provide additional resources for fire flow requirements.

CHWD recently completed the environmental review process for the Highland Ave Well Project. The Notice of Determination (NOD) was issued on April 15, 2020.  Relevant Highland Ave Well Project Environmental Documents can be found at the links below: