Mission, Vision and Values


It is the mission of the Citrus Heights Water District to furnish a dependable supply of safe, quality water delivered to its customers in an efficient, responsive, and affordable manner.


The Citrus Heights Water District will continue to evolve as a dynamic provider of municipal water service to assure that our customers receive the best value without giving it a second thought.

Core Values

(Not in priority order)


We at Citrus Heights Water District will excel at fulfilling our mission and vision by adhering to our core values and dedicating ourselves to these commitments:

We commit to being good stewards of our water supply and the environment.

We commit to responsible management of the District’s capital, fiscal and personnel assets.

We commit to provide reliable and dependable water service at an affordable cost.

We commit to provide a water supply that meets or exceeds State and federal water quality standards.

We commit to provide customer service that is extraordinary to both our rate-payers and to our work team.

We commit to be a valuable resource for our customers in consistently providing friendly, respectful service.

We commit to provide information that is accurate, complete and relevant.

We commit to excel beyond our commitments when moments of opportunity arise.

We commit to conduct our affairs with the highest ethical standards.

We commit to develop and implement reasonable policies and procedures that foster integrity and trust.

We commit to have a friendly, courteous and professional person readily available through all channels of communication to customers during business hours.

We commit to have a well-trained staff that supports one another in opportunities for personal and professional growth.

We commit to provide the equipment, technology and training necessary to assure that our customers received the best value in water service.

We commit to work together for each other and for our customers.

We commit to provide employee compensation and benefits that are competitive, affordable and retain and attract high quality professionals to provide services to our customers.

We commit to an empowered staff that is accountable, team-oriented and supportive of each member’s performance.

We commit to create a positive and safe work environment that recognizes and rewards superior performance.

We commit to hire progressive employees that will fulfill the mission of the District.

We commit to support economic growth by ensuring water service ample to meet new customer demand.

We commit to collaborate with other agencies in support of regional endeavors of mutual interest and benefit.

We commit to efficiently and effectively accomplish the day’s business while preparing for the future.

We commit to choosing a great attitude.