Links to Other Sites

As a service to interested customers, Citrus Heights Water District provides the directory below with links to a number of websites related to other water agencies and water issues, as well as links to other public agencies that may be of interest to our customers. If there are other sites you think customers would find useful, e-mail us and provide information on the link. Thanks!

American Water Works Association
National organization involved in a wide variety of water issues.

Association of California Water Agencies
Statewide trade association that works on California issues, including water quality and water supply, as well as a variety of issues affecting water districts.

California Environmental Protection Agency
State agency responsible for a wide variety of water quality and environmental programs in California. 

California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS)
Information on watering needs based on locally gathered data on temperatures and other factors affecting plant water use.

California Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC)
Statewide organization that promotes water use efficiency.

City of Citrus Heights
A source for news and information about the City of Citrus Heights.

Environmental Protection Agency Water Site
Federal agency with primary enforcement responsibility for the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Water Act. The water section of its web site provides a wealth of water-related information.

Regional Water Authority
Local organization protecting and enhancing the reliability, availability, affordability and quality of water resources.

Sacramento Groundwater Authority
Local organization that exists to manage, protect and sustain the groundwater resources of the basin in Sacramento County north of the American River consistent with the Water Forum Agreement.

San Juan Water District
Citrus Heights Water District receives its treated surface water supply from Folsom Lake under a contract with the San Juan Water District. This site provides information about the agency and other local water topics.

Sunrise Recreation and Park District
Information on a variety of recreation opportunities and facilities in and around the Citrus Heights area.