2017 Rates, Charges and Fees

It is the mission of the Citrus Heights Water District to furnish a dependable supply of safe, high quality water delivered to its customers in an efficient, responsive, and affordable manner. With your help, we’ve been able to maintain and implement much needed improvements to our infrastructure and facilities. These investments and reinvestments to more than 19,800 service connections help us continue to provide reliable service. This year alone, we’ve replaced many water mains, services, and added another high capacity groundwater well to serve you.

To maintain our stewardship over District costs, we need to continue making a number of system replacements and upgrades. This includes: 1) replacing aging water mains; 2) expanding the District’s system of groundwater supply wells; and 3) replacing aging water meters. These future infrastructure replacements and upgrades require the District to maintain a sound financial position. In order to continue to provide our customers with the best possible value, and to cover the costs of the required replacements and upgrades, CHWD will be requesting a rate increase for 2017.

CHWD currently operates, maintains, and repairs more than 271 miles of pipelines that carry water underground throughout the District’s 12-square mile service area. Replacing these decades-old water mains and pipelines is crucial to maintaining highly dependable service, which means that we need to plan and set aside funds today.

CHWD is seeking to prevent infrastructure crises and maintain system flexibility by completing capital improvement projects. By replacing and repairing decades-old pipelines that run for more than 271 miles underground, adding four additional groundwater wells, and upgrading to technologically efficient, real-time data water meters, the District will better serve you through our core values of dependability and accountability.

Thank you for your support as we move forward with a continued proactive program of system-wide investments and reinvestments. To learn more about these upgrades and why this is necessary, please view our Proposition 218 Notice that was mailed to property owners within CHWD’s service area on September 29, 2016.

Summary of Rates

The rate increase, based on monthly average of 20 units of consumption for a family of four in a single family home with a one-inch water meter, is about $6.43 per month.

Below is a summary of the changes to the bi-monthly customer service charges and usage charges for water consumed.


Regional Rate Comparison

CHWD has a proven record of providing quality service at low rates. CHWD rates have been significantly lower than the average for the region. The District’s current rates are nearly 15% below the region’s average. Even with the proposed rate increase, CHWD customers will pay considerably lower rates compared to many other water customers in the Sacramento area.



To find out how much CHWD’s 2017 water rate adjustment would affect your bill, use the calculator below.
To use this calculator, plug in your water usage from your previous water bill as shown in the image below. Feel free to play around with different water usage quantities to see how this affects what you pay.


Frequently Asked Questions


This rate increase is not because of the drought. It is due to the need for the District to replace aging infrastructure to keep the system up to date and reliable. However, the cost of water from our water supplier has gone up as a result of the drought and other factors, which decreases the amount of revenue for the District to invest back into its water system.


CHWD is particularly focused on water main and water service replacements, increasing the number of groundwater wells in the system, and replacing aging water meters.


For more information about the 2017 water rate adjustments, please contact Citrus Heights Water District at (916) 725-6873. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please send any questions via email to: hstraus@chwd.org

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